You can be a part
of I Can I Will

I Can I Will opens the door allowing you
to make a difference even if you
have never support a charity before.
Together We Can & We Will!


All For One
& One For All

I Can I Will is a team where we all belong.
Together We Can & We Will include
everyone so no one feels left out.


Make A Difference

I Can & I Did make a difference helping out with
I Can I Will. I loved every minute of it! Seeing the impact
I could make has changed my life.


Will You?

Anyone can be a part of I Can I Will. Will you? Hold an event with us. Help us Fundraise and you can end bullying in our children's schools.



I Can I Will makes Charity Cool, which
gets kids involved and changes a
school's culture making including
others Cool ending bullying.


Together We Can Make Dreams Happen

ICANIWILL - JustICE Challenge

How long can you handle sitting in an ICE BATH?

Help combat school yard bullying that leads to such tragic incidents as the young boy who committed suicide in Aspley.

How do you enter?

1. Obtain monetary sponsors for every minute you can handle the freezing bath.
2. Film yourself on Facebook live and share with your audience.
3. Nominate 5 friends to challenge your time.

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By making charity cool and fun, ICANIWILL successfully influences senior school students to mentor children with special needs or who might be struggling socially.

The ICANIWILL Mentor program works to overcome bullying and discrimination and help build character in both mentor and mentee. ICANIWILL also offers great incentives for children to get involved from event tickets, to prizes and even internships at some of Australia’s leading companies in multiple industries.

ICANIWILL is now one of Australia’s fastest growing charities, with a goal to be running free weekly programs in a multitude of schools within Australia in the next five years. Our mission is to change the Australian cultural issue of societal discrimination- something of which can be seen on our segment on A Current Affair.

Together WECANWEWILL Make A Difference

Conan with Nolan

Where it all began…

The ICANIWILL journey began in 2010 when CEO, Conan Visser, a then full time Personal Trainer, was approached by the parents of 13 year old, Nolan. Nolan’s parents, both doctors, were desperately seeking to help their special needs son, a victim of schoolyard and online bullying.

Nolan’s first encounter with Conan had him hiding behind his mother, eyes welling up at the thought of a physical challenge. Just 2 years later, with some mentorship from Conan, Nolan’s confidence had grown significantly and at the end of 2014 he delivered a speech to his peers at his Senior Graduation.  To this day Nolan continues to improve his self confidence and is now a Mentor for ICANIWILL.

As a non-authoritative figure and mentor, Conan has continued to change the lives of children. By instilling an ICANIWILL attitude in students, we have seen a rapid growth in self confidence, with many children and teenagers enlisted in our program overcoming their insecurities and self doubt.  ICANIWILL strives to change the lives of thousands of Australian school children in the same way Conan changed Nolan’s life. We make charity COOL and FUN! 

“Once you bridge the social gap, we see children with special needs glowing with self-confidence, fitting in and becoming an integral part of society” – Conan Visser, ICANIWILL CEO

We Will End Bullying In Schools

Support our School Base Programs

$2.70 p/wk sponsor a child

One Off Donation

We Believe in Granting Wishes

ICANIWILL’s Grant-A-Wish program helps make dreams come true for children who have been bullied and discriminated against, or who have have special needs.

“It’s more than just granting their wish, it’s building trust, friendship, hope & support to build their confidence and chase their dreams. We don’t have to be a product of negative actions from others, we can rise above, especially when someone we look up to believes in us’” – Conan Visser, ICANIWILL CEO

Do you know a child who deserves some inspiration from our Grant-A-Wish program Contact us to discuss what we can do!

We Granted Portia's Wish To Become A YouTube Star

Portia’s Wish

Here is one of the most recent WISH’s that we granted for little Portia, who is 9 years old and had been bullied really badly at school because she is on the spectrum. Not only was school life hard, Portia witnessed DV every few days at home up until her father was put in jail last year. No little girl should ever go through either those traumatic experiences. So we grant her wish to be a superstar for the day, go on her first ever plane ride and trip around Sydney like a Rock Star.


We Grant Wishes To Those Who Most Deserve It!

Share I Can I Will With Your Friends & Spread The Word

Grant A Wish with I Can I Will

$5,000 sponsor a wish

One Off Donation

Fundraise for a Wish

Submit a Child

Submit a Wish

If you would like to fundraise for a wish as a workplace, school, sporting, social club, individual or community, visit our Fundraise for Us page.

Do you know a child that you would like to submit to our Grant-A-Wish program?

Contact us and tell us about the child who you would like to see have a Wish granted.

Do you belong to a Sports or Social club or group that could make Wishes come true?

Contact us if you can help us Grant-A-Wish for children with special needs or that have been bullied and discriminated against.


Sponsor a Wish

I CAN I WILL’s Grant-A-Wish program
helps make dreams come true
for children who have been bullied and
discriminated against, or who have have
special needs. You can make this happen
and be a part of it.


Host an event with us

You can hold an event and our team
will come and support you. Together we will
make it happen. Have fun and raise money
to fund school based programs that will end
bullying in our children’s schools.


Be There &
Feel The Difference

Sponsor a Wish and change a person's life.
Be there and see your support truly make
a difference. It is a power experience that
will change your life as well.