Conan’s attempt to smash a World Record!

Conan will climb the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING 50 times in under 24 hours to break the existing Guinness World Record. The current record is 18,585m up, which is almost double the height a Boeing 747 cruises at and equivalent to 70 laps of the Sydney Eye Tower.

Conan will have to average 90 steps per minute for 24 hours, reaching the top of each lap in under 25 minutes to allow enough time to break the record.

The only breaks Conan will have will be in the lift down, where he will have food, fluids and have his vitals checked by paramedics. He will also have a physiotherapist in the lift to release the immense pressure that will build up in his legs.

He will have to also go to the toilet in the lift in medical bags to be tested to check his vital organs. There is a high risk of liver and kidney damage during this challenge

Conan will have regular communication checks to see videos posted from loved ones and the children with special needs that he is doing this attempt for.

Jordon Milroy climbs US tallest stairs

Jordon Milroy (cerebral palsy) climbs the worlds tallest towers to inspire other people with special needs to overcome any challenge and reach for the stars.

Jordon is an ambassador of ICANIWILL and with the assistance of the President Conan Visser, he continues to set bigger goals to raise more awareness and money for the amazing cause.