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I CAN I WILL Founders Message

Children are smarter than adults when it comes to social issues such as playground and online bullying. Firstly school, in children out number the authority figures by hundreds to one so it is unrealistic to expect the authority figures to be able to know what is happening in the playground at all times.

Secondly, authority figures don’t know what is cool, who is cool, who all the bullies are and who the children being bullied are. A large majority of children who get bullied admit to never telling an authority figure. Additionally bullies themselves tend to rebel against teachers  simply because they do not respect authority.

I CAN I WILL is a brand the children associate with as cool and fun as it is loaded with exciting events, lots of sports stars and celebrities and the opportunity to be a part of what we do and meet our ambassadors. In 2016 we are locking partnerships with leading companies across a broad field to appeal to high school seniors and offer work place internships and career opportunities with the best of the best.
I CAN I WILL is the ticket to make children’s dreams come true. In order to be apart of I CAN I WILL, they must Mentor a child with special needs or a child at risk selected by the principal. They must do a good job, fill in report cards and attend our meetings to maintain their position to receive the ICANIWILL benefits and opportunities.

I CAN I WILL believe in EMPOWERING the children to eradicate the social issues themselves. By uniting them within the I CAN I WILL Family and educating them on how to eradicate the problems on the playground we make it clear that bullying and discrimination is no longer excusable. Children look up to their elders and we believe if a large body of senior students get involved in our program they can really make a difference to the lives of those who are having a difficult time in school.

– Conan Visser, I CAN I WILL CEO

Rebecca Dennis, Jenna Kate, Madeline, Conan Visser, Poulina Romano & Anita Jakins

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Madeline & Conan: Madeline’s story

WHY We Do This

Our mission is to eradicate bullying from schools, especially against children with special needs, by empowering students to change the culture themselves.

I Can I Will End Bullying In Schools

1 in 4 Australian students have experienced bullying (Ref: Bullying. No Way! Website)
Children with a disability are 2 to 3 times more likely to be bullied (Ref: Bullying and cyberbullying, Queensland Government Website)
Children with a physical condition or disability, such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, are more likely to be excluded from social activates and called names (Ref: Homelessness Australia Website)

We aim to bridge the social differences between those with special needs and those without” – Conan Visser, CEO


THIS IS I Can I Will

ANYONE Can Do This

There are many FUN & POWERFUL ways to get involved with I CAN I WILL Children’s Charity. Please get in contact with us to find out how you can help. We are always running events and have weekly school based programs so there a many ways you can be involved.

Hold an Event: Fundraise with us and you can help end bullying in Australian schools. You can be the difference that makes the world of difference to a child in need of support. Help change the culture of their school so they are included.

I Can I Will Events Are Fun & Stop Bullying in Our Schools!

You can hold an event and our team will come and support you. Together we will make it happen. Have fun and raise money to fund school based programs that will end bullying in our children’s schools.

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Sponsor a Wish

I CAN I WILL’s Grant-A-Wish program
helps make dreams come true
for children who have been bullied and
discriminated against, or who have have
special needs. You can make this happen
and be a part of it.


Host an event with us

You can hold an event and our team
will come and support you. Together we will
make it happen. Have fun and raise money
to fund school based programs that will end
bullying in our children’s schools.


Be There &
Feel The Difference

Sponsor a Wish and change a person's life.
Be there and see your support truly make
a difference. It is a power experience that
will change your life as well.