ICANIWILL is a Brisbane based charity that is registered with DGR status. Our goal is to make charity cool and fun by empowering students to eradicate bullying and bridge social indifferences.

$2.70 per week allows ICANIWILL to run our ‘Organic Playground Mentor Program’ that empowers a senior student to mentor a child at risk or a child with special needs who is being bullied. This small cost helps with ending the damaging and often life threatening social issues that begin on the playground.

You can make a considerable difference to the lives of local children by asking your customers if they would like to round-up their bill by a dollar. Simply install a prompted button on your POS system that reminds staff to ask the question. When pressed, it automatically adds a dollar to the customer’s bill.

Our accountants recommend that you record this as a Non-Reportable income for GST purposes (make sure that you do not add GST (or charge GST) to this $1 amount) in your books and there will be no GST liability.

There are more benefits than just being socially conscious and increasing the goodwill marketing of your business. When raising money for ICANIWILL from the donations off your customers, you are also collecting tax deductible funds which will award your business with benefits at tax time without having to outlay the money from your normal revenue.

“Everyone wins. Their small change helps you make a big change”

Whilst your customers leave with a great feeling as they have done something good, you are also increasing your goodwill, the value of your company’s brand name and boosting your customer relationships. Local communities become aware of your support for a charity and as a result will promote further support for your business.

Once your business crosses the ‘Philanthropist’ target of $7,000 (which funds an entire schools program of a minimum 100 to 700 children) you get the opportunity to use our JELLYRUN event as a team building day for your staff. You will be able to meet the children from your sponsored school and take them around the inflatable track, helping them through the course and assisting with their jelly throwing skills. Having your staff  involved in making such a memorable day for the children will no doubt reduce any tension and bring them closer together.